Bill Jemas Launches 5 New Comics Line, For $2.50 Each, With Take-Two Interactive

Double Take, the comic book line published by Take-Two Interactive have simultaneously published ten zombies comic books, that work as sequels to the Night Of The Living Dead, but also lead up into a new established superhero universe.

Run by ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas (who writes a number of the books as well) they have tried a number of innovative approached to storytelling and the selling of a new comic book line, but eventually those series all came to an end.

Until now. With a bunch of new series, with aliens, superheroes, monsters and sequels to those

With a bunch of new series, with aliens, superheroes, monsters and sequels to those superzombie titles, coming from Double Take in December.

Welcome to Alphabet City, Behold, 51, Meds and Z-Mart. All $2.50 each as well..


(W) Michael Coast (A) Benjamin Silberstein (CA) Alex Doe Diaz
For centuries New York City has been home to immigrants from all around the world. And, as it turns out, from all around the galaxy. How will the Foster Family settle into their new home?


(W) Bill Jemas, Michael Coast (A) Stan Chou (CA) TBD
Superpowers like you've never seen before. Collect it all. Know it all. Exploit it all. If you could gain access to anything and everything-even the naked truth-what would you do?


51 #1 (MR)
(W) Bill Jemas (A) Benjamin Silberstein, Jonathan Ashley (CA) TBD
During an apocalyptic radiothon, ace radio DJ Sam Stanton takes on rival DJs and the FCC, becoming, literally, larger than life.


MEDS #1 (MR)
(W) Bill Jemas, Harry Haramis (A) Stan Chou (CA) TBD
Fifty years ago, the NASA Biochemical Lab at Evans University Hospital created a serum that raised the dead. This morning, a fresh group of medical students make their first cut into the dead flesh in anatomy class. What will they create?


Z-MART #1 (MR)
(W) Bill Jemas, Matt Summo (A) Wood Ashley, Stan Chou (CA) TBD
The employees at George's Market survive the night of the living dead, but not without some power-ups.

While they are selling sampler packs fo the previous series, 3 for $2.99


(W) Bill Jemas, Matt Summo (A) Leonardo Paciarotti (CA) Ruiz Burgos
Thanks to some hungry customers, the closing shift at George's Market has turned into a graveyard shift. Cleanup in aisle… well, all of them. It's a late night snack attack in George's Market. Dedication 1-2-3 collects issues #1-3 of Double Take's hit original series!

STL026255 (1)

(W) Bill Jemas, Colin Mitchell (A) Young Heller (CA) José Luis
As ghouls surround her station, KBRF Radio ace DJ Samantha Stanton stays on the air all night. Will Rock & Roll save her soul? Burn, baby, burn. Samantha starts a zombie inferno. Stand back. We don't know how big this girl gets. Remote 1-2-3 collects issues #1-3 of Double Take's hit original series!


(W) Bill Jemas, Jeff McComsey (A) Kurt Tiede (CA) Apple Qingyang Zhang
Dead and/or alive. LBJ orders the Secret Service to bring him back a zombie. This should be easy. With the US in Pennsylvania, solely as advisors, the Air Force drops 300 million tons of advice on Evans County. Z-Men 1-2-3 collects issues #1-3 of Double Take's hit original series!

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