The Important Moments From Gotham – Better To Reign In Hell…

This article will definitely contain spoilers for the season premiere of Gotham season 3.






As Gotham season 3 kicks off, a season subtitled Mad City, we get the premiere episode Better To Reign In Hell… We've jumped ahead six months. Jim Gordon is now a bounty hunter tracking down the Indian Hill escapees. Penguin is ruling the city again, but constantly looking over his shoulder for Fish Mooney. And Bruce Wayne has just returned from his trip to Switzerland. The show could've started off small, caught up the new viewers, and laid out the seeds for the season… or they could go bat-guano crazy and throw everything into fast forward. The picked the second option. Now looking at the important moments doesn't necessarily mean the obvious ones.

1) Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth become a team in taking down the Court of Owls. As the two walk in together and call out the court, it shows that there is no doubt what they have to do. As long as Bruce listens when Alfred tries to keep him from getting killed, the two are a well oiled machine. The relationship becomes much more like the one in the comics.

2) Oswald Cobblepot addresses the media. As the series progresses, the idea of Penguin as the king of Gotham will be revisited and where it was only done briefly and quietly in the second season, I think he will become well known and respected in the same was as Carmine Falcone by the end of this season.

3) The friendship between Cobblepot and Edward Nygma. Having interviewed both Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith this summer, I know that the relationship between the two is going to be crucial to not only the growth of the characters but to the series as a whole. This connection showing Penguin relying on the Riddler for advice is just the start of bigger things.

4) Gordon put a bunch of people at risk to capture Fish. The ex-cop is broken. His sense of right and wrong is completely gone and not only does he get his former partner in trouble for no reason, he got someone killed in the process. It was a horrible plan that was bound to fail. He could have easily told Barnes or Bullock about his suspicions and they could've worked together to bring her in. Instead, their witness is dead, Mooney got away and he could've gotten Bullock fired. Every time I think they've taken Gordon to the bottom, they show us that there is even lower to go.

5) One of the Indian Hill escapees has a pair of bat wings. Now the first thing a lot of people assumed is that this is Gotham's version of Man-Bat. I think that is too tiny of a role for such a complex villains. I think it's more likely a piece of the thread that will lead Bruce to choosing the Bat as his symbol and making the citizens of Gotham more accepting of the strange.

6) Young Ivy Pepper wanders into Fish Mooney's lair as Marvin uses his age accelerating ability to kill Ethel Peabody. She tries to escape and ends up being touch by his ability as well before falling into the sewers. We know what this will lead to, but I think it will be a huge part of the season and corrects an erroneous casting choice from season one.

At this point I find myself rooting for Bruce and Oswald more than for Gordon. He's become unlikable and it will take great effort on the writer's part to naturally bring him back to something even slightly resembling the Gordon form the comics.

And it looks like things continue immediately in the next episode as we'll get to see where Bruce was taken and what happened to Ivy in Burn the Witch as Maggie Geha takes over the role of the soon to become Poison Ivy.

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