Space Ghost Coast To Coast’s C. Martin Croker Dead At 54

Sad news today as the Onion A.V. Club reports voice actor C. Martin Croker has passed away at age 54.

Croker may be best known for as Zorak and Moltar on Cartoon Network‘s Space Ghost Coast to Coast, where Zorak quickly became one of the key reasons to watch the show.

According to the AV Club, Croker was the animation director on the show and suggested the characters — one-time foes of Space Ghost in his 1960s adventure show — would serve as member of his talk show crew. As the series wore on, the show became less of a talk show and more about the interplay between Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar and Brak. Eventually, the Zorak and Brak received their own nonsense show, Cartoon Planet and Croker’s Zorak would become a supporting character on The Brak Show, playing Eddie Haskell to Brak’s Beaver Clever. Well, sometimes anyway.

Croker would continue to play the character on other series as Cartoon Network’s late-night lineup evolved into Adult Swim. He also played Dr. Weird on the programming block’s break-out hit Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

It is still unclear what caused Croker’s death with the AV Club noting early reports called it “sudden.”