A Major Death Comes To Judge Dredd In Todays 2000AD (SPOILERS)

2000 AD Prog 1998 - Copy-page-001 Earlier this year in an interview on 2000 AD’s official podcast, Wagner intimated that he was going to kill a long-running popular character and fan speculation ranged from Dredd’s niece, Vienna, to Chief Judge Barbara Hershey.

After 29 long years, John Wagner is finally laying  long-running villain PJ Maybe to rest in the concluding episode of Ladykiller by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Liam Sharp, Philip Janet Maybe (his parents wanted a girl) has consistently been one of Dredd’s most popular adversaries. He first appeared in 2000 AD Prog 534 back in August 1987 as the pathological teenage son of trousers magnates and subsequently spent almost three decades either dodging the long arm of the law or escaping from the Iso-cubes. Through trickery, blackmail, and murder he even became Mega-City One’s most popular mayor, before escaping execution and even outwitting the Dark Judges.

In the end though, Maybe’s time was finally up and Dredd finally got his man…

2000 AD Prog 1998 - Copy-page-007)

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