Ben Barnes Reportedly Set To Face Off Against The Punisher


The foes of the Punisher have to make a spectacular mark before they’re inevitably gun down in a symphony of bullets and catharsis. And it seems actor Ben Barnes will so step up to the challenge as one of Frank Castle’s opponent in Netflix‘s upcoming Punisher series.

TVLine reports he may play Bobby Saint, a character featured in the 2004 Jonathan Hensleigh film, in which the character is swiftly dispatched by Castle, setting off cascading revenge plots involving Bobby’s father, Frank and some very sweaty Miami streets. If the rumor is true, one presumes Howard Saint will also put in an appearance as the bodies start stacking up.

But with Netflix keeping mum, perhaps Barnes is also just a rumor as well.

In fact, it is strange of Marvel to use characters who only appeared in a one-off feature and not one from the deep library. Then again, if they’re just cannon fodder, might as well use an already established name.