Everything You Knew Was Wrong? Cyborg Gets An Anatomy Lesson…

Swamp Thing 21 p1 anatomylesson1Anatomy Lesson by Alan Moore and Steve Bissette is a classic in the field of commercial comic book storytelling. Taking a relatively ignored character, though one that most people seemed to know, and utterly transforming his nature. “Things will never be the same again” is encapsulated in this comic, for better or for worse.a1It is revealed that Swamp Thing is not a plant-transformed Alec Holland, but merely the memories of Holland absorbed by plants and transformed by chemicals into a mockery of his old life.

graphic10Alec Holland is dead, Swamp Thing is just an organic flash drive. He doesn’t take it well.


Today sees the launch of the new Cyborg series from DC Comics, as Cyborg: Rebirth #1 by John Semper Jr, Paul Pelletier, Sandra Hope, Tony Kordos and Guy Major.  And it’s one in which Vic Stone gets a similar shock, from his father’s notes on his recreation in his current form.

Image (60) It’s not going to be good…

Image (61) That’s the question asked in Anatomy Lesson. Was Swamp Thing actually Alec Holland or a reproduction, the memories of him, a husk of the man? Is this life or is this Memorex?

Though it doesn’t inspire a murderous rage, just contemplation.

Image (62)For now, anyway….

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