Majel Barrett May Yet Voice Star Trek: Discovery Computer


Across nearly all the Star Trek television series, Majel Barett lent her voice to the Starfleet's various computer systems. Her computer voice eventually became iconic and survived into the so-called Kelvin Timeline with her final performance as the computer in 2009's Star Trek.

And though she passed away in 2008, there is a possibility her voice will live on as Starfleet's official computer voice. According to the official Roddenberry Twitter account (via Neowin), Barrett recorded a library of phonetic sounds, allowing her voice to be used in future products outside of Star Trek and, possibly, as the computer voice in Star Trek: Discovery.

Of course, that is not yet confirmed, but Discovery features another tribute to Barrett in the form of the new lead character; the ship's first officer who will initially be known only as "Number One." In Star Trek's original pilot, Barrett played the Enterprise's first officer who was also known only as "Number One." Some are theorizing that both characters may be the same character, as Discovery is set ten years prior to the events of Star Trek's first season.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS in January, 2017. Subsequent episodes will be available first on the CBS All Access streaming service.