Doctor Who Announcement Teased For UK Midnight

The official Doctor Who Facebook page recently posted a curious announcement teaser:

What could be coming? Could it be confirmation of the series returning to Spring airdates, as we reported earlier today? Could it be more concrete information about the Christmas Special? A title, perhaps?

Or could it have something to do with the imminent debut of the Doctor Who spinoff series Class? In the last week, there has been some talk about the show's relationship to Doctor Who. On Thursday, the Radio Times reported the cast of Class may serve as the Doctor's companions in the 2016 Christmas Special, but the rumor appears to have been remixed today in The Mirror to suggest Peter Capaldi will appear as the Doctor in the premiere episode of Class. Could the midnight announcement have something to do with that?

But it is also possible this has nothing to do with the current iteration of the show. The image accompanying the Facebook post looks decidedly like some of the animation utilized to recreate missing episodes of the classic series. Are we looking at another missing story about to be resurrected with the aid of animation?

Oh, for the hope of Power of the Daleks re-materializing …

Speaking of Patrick Troughton's debut, it seems the story is, in fact, being animated. Well, according to this tweet:

The answer will come soon enough as Doctor Who will announce something later tonight.