Carlos Valdes Says Flash Season Four Will Deal With Flashpoint Repercussions


While Flash fans already know season three’s Flashpoint Timeline will only survive a handful of episodes, the consequences of its existence will be long reaching.

During a conversation with The Beat, actor Carlos Valdes said that while the alternate timeline will be short-lived, Team Flash will continue to deal with the consequences of Barry’s actions. “What the season mostly deals with is the repercussions of that alternate timeline being opened,” he explained. “So I think a lot of fans are expressing concern over some of their favorite characters and relationships being gone and all this work we’ve done over the last two years being undone. Without giving too much away, I can assure fans that that is not the case.”

He also added that the new season will continue to explore Cisco’s “ongoing evolution” as a metahuman, noting that “powers grow. That’s what they do. Period.”

The Flash returns October 4th on The CW.