People Are Getting Refunds For No Man's Sky Despite Having Played 10s Of Hours

People Are Getting Refunds For No Man’s Sky Despite Having Played 10s Of Hours

Posted by August 29, 2016 Comment

No man's sky

No Man’s Sky is amazing in its abillity to start controversy after release. Everyday it seems we have a new debate popping up around the game, with people vehmently fighting on both sides.

This one is a doozy though. It turns out that many players are getting refunds for the game. This comes from users on Reddit and NeoGaf who are claiming that seemingly after over the 2 hour grace period that Steam allows and also from Sony, refunds are being honored for players. This comes from people who have played 8 hours and a whole lot more (reportedly up to 50 hours.) There are also organsied efforts to get people who didn’t like the game to keep trying the refund process over and over until it is granted.

This is a super complicated issue, and one that deals with consumer, artist and publishers rights and how much of an experience or piece of art you can consume before being able to get a refund.

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