Five Great Things Coming To Netflix Next Month

Netflix_logo.svgNetflix has announced its monthly additions to the service and a handful of things just look great. Well, "great" is something of a sliding scale as some of the things coming to the service are entertaining, but not exactly quality material.

First off, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey arrives on September 1st. Perhaps not as good as the first Bill & Ted, it does feature a handful of delightful elements like William Sadler's befuddled Death, the KISS cover of Argent's "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You" and the Evil Robot Bill and Ted. But amongst people I know, it is most famous for giving us the battle-cry "Station!"

jaws3Also arriving on the first are all four Jaws films. And though only the first is a genuine classic, the latter two have entertaining charms despite obvious, horrible flaws. Jaws 3 is particularly fun to watch for its lame 3D gags, Sea World setting and Louis Gossett Jr. as "Calvin Bouchard."

And while I'm on this kick of enjoyably terrible movies, The Wicker Man is coming to Netflix. See what happens when Nicolas Cage teams up with writer/director Neil Labute as they attempt to explain why a female-led society would be filled with vicious, vaguely Wiccan, human sacrifices. Also: Cage does his best Grand Theft Auto impression. But be warned: it is possible the version coming to the service is the theatrical cut, which does not contain Cage's legendary "Not the bees" scene.

raidersericzalaOkay, now for some genuinely good content. Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made will arrive on Netflix on September 16th. I've waxed about this love-letter to the 1980s before — and will do so again as the Blu-ray release merits some attention — but the film itself is a really fun documentary featuring the tale of two lads who decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark shot-for-shot and completing their one missing sequence thirty years after they began.

Finally, Luke Cage finally comes at us on September 30th. I might be going on a limb assuming it will be of quality, but considering the consistently high production values and good writing of Daredevil and Jessica Jones — to say nothing of the great trailers — I imagine the show will continue the tradition.