A Moment Of Pacifism From Suicide Squad With El Diablo, Exclusive For Bleeding Cool

Whatever people's thoughts on the Suicide Squad,movie, the characterisation of El Diablo as portrayed by Jay Hernandez was rather admired.

Well, courtesy of Warner Bros, exclusively to Bleeding Cool, here's a look at the moment where Amanda Waller and Rick Flag try to recruit El Diablo to their cause.

It's a moment that plays up to the pacifist nature of the character, at odds with everyone else on the team. Naturally, it is an ideology that is countered by pragmatism in the movie. And, when you break your ideals, there is a price to be paid.

Also, he shows he has some mad lettering skillz.

But it's an example of some of the nuance of the movie, which makes much out of violence and mayhem but has characters who take very different attitudes. Deadshot is doing this because it's a job rather than seeking pleasure, he is even troubled by it and himself – while pleasure is all Harley Quinn wants. And Killer Croc, for all his name implies, seems more in line with killing those that bother him, swatting flies, rather than seeking the pain. Katana lives with her deaths, every day. And then there is Amanda Waller, the coldest heartest killer of them all, backed by the equivocation of Rick Flag. El Diablo may be the result, the consequences of his actions, but Waller has done far worse and will do it again…

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