Lucky Luke To Tell A Jewish Story Of American Immigration In The Wild West

5086847lpw-5087005-jpg_3740783Lucky Luke, the continually popular Franco-Belgian comedy western comic created by Morris, has a new album that aims to be rather topical – as least as far as nineteenth century-set Wild West comics can be. And it’s down to new writer Jul, one of the finalists to be the new Astérix writer.

The new book, The Promised Land, sees Lucky Luke escorting a Jewish family  from Eastern Europe to the Great West. His friend, Jack has asked Luke tp look after his family, who think Jack is a New York lawyer rather than a cowboy. So Luke has to look after a very religious grandfather, a mother figure who insists on feeding Luke stuffed fish, a daughter seeking an ideal husband and young boy who is more interested in Wild West poker players than his bar mitzvah.

So, you know. Pretty broad.. Jul , courtesy of Google Translate, says,

Lucky Luke and the Jews, it is a theme that has immediately boosted everyone ceiling, but, once you think about it, seems obvious. Dare to tackle this story is opening an important chapter in the history of the United States, which had strangely been completely overshadowed by Goscinny. The Italians, Irish, Chinese, all these iconic communities were staged in other albums … but never the Jews! Was it fear of offending, modesty while the story of the migration of Eastern European Jews to the New World rang with his personal history? Today, precisely because we are in a period of tension identities, it seemed important to choose a story that told a clash of cultures, without watering it down, but betting on cheerfulness, and on the intelligence of the reader.

I think the internet will be the judge of that, Jul.


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