The Unpublished: Craig Hamilton's Peter Pan

Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the unpublished Black Lightning/Superman comic by Tom King and Trevor Von Eeden. DC Comics have especially been famed in recent years for storing and squirrelling away "inventory" stories, for when their comic books are late. And they've been piling up – I understand we may see a new plan to publish some of them in collections in the next few months, even if they are out of continuity.

But sometimes they break out into the wild. And we get to see them, complete or incomplete.

Such as Andy Mangel and  Craig Hamilton's adaptation of JM Barrie's Peter Pan, begun 20 years ago, and after 5 years of work and two publishers, remains unpublished and incomplete. Hamilton calls it "the most disheartening chapter of my life" but posted pages on Facebook with commentary.


 "The showdown."
With Wendy and John cheering them on, Father and Michael face off in a syrupy medicine showdown where they both agree to take their medicines together. After complaining that there is more in his glass than is in Michael's spoon, Father fakes on throwing his back, to the great dismay of his children whom he sends to bed as he pours his medicine into Nana's food bowl.


 "That dog is not a nurse!"
Mother returns to the nursery having placed her hat and gloves to find Father has tucked the children in. Oh my! Nana doesn't look well! (~Perhaps lapping up the awful medicine has something to do with that.) Mother discovers this deceit which sends Father over the edge, dragging beloved Nana out of the nursery to spend the night in the yard. In that center bottom panel you can really see that Mr. Darling and Captain Hook are the same character. In the play, one actor plays both roles.



"Soap doesn't work."
Tinkerbell has a lot of attitude and finds her new milkglass jug much more interesting than Peter and his search for his shadow. Once it's in his hand, Peter is so thrilled that he invertantly closes Tink in the dresser drawer! (please notice the sewing materials being scattered ~the tools Wendy will use later to re-attatch the shadow.) Peter has trouble attatching the shadow on his own, even trying to use soap of all things to re-stick it! His failed efforts leave him in tears….


"A real kiss."
Peter tells Wendy of the wonders of Neverland and how clever he think she is. When she tells him how her sleeping brother John does'nt find her clever at all, Peter erupts and kicks John out of the bed. After scolding him, Wendy admits that it's flattering that Peter would defend her honor and she moves in for another attempt at a kiss. Peter wryly figures that she'd want it back and moves to return the thimble. Wendy then corrects herself and shows Peter what a "thimble" is! (smeck!) Peter finds the "thimble" so funny and a sharp pull on Wendy's hair lets us know that there's a little faerie loose in the room that finds NONE of this funny!


"Awful medicine"
Before bedtime, Michael must take his awful-tasting medicine, which he stubbornly resists. Mother Darling has left Father to deal with situation. Wendy helpfully suggests that Father should take his bitter medicine as well to show Michael how easy it is. Father Darling is less than thrilled to do this.

Any publishers or readers can share their commiserations here.

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