The Race To Marvel Selling 300,000 Champions #1 Begins Here

Posted by August 22, 2016 Comment

Change_the_World_1Marvel Comics really wants to sell 300,000 copies of Champions #1. Just like they did Uncanny Avengers #1 and Black Panther #1, lead books of previous line-wide relaunches. And they really want it to be the number one book for the month. They only have the other teen book to challenge it, Teen Titans #1.

Marvel are committed.

Marel’s SVP David Gabriel told ICV2 “I think I probably said to Tom Brevoort, I think this book should be called The Champions.  And he, of course, got a tear in his 40-something year-old eye, and said, ‘it’ll never happen.’  And I said, ‘someone told me I would never get a million unit sales of Star Wars, so we’re going to make this happen.’ ”

Bleeding Cool has pointed out a number of their techniques for doing so and this week are providing a PR push with images released to the media, highlighting the characters in the new team.

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