GingerZap At Wizard World Chicago – Is This Acceptable Now?

GingerZap (Liz W) is an artist exhibiting at comic conventions who has become a focal point for people protesting about artists who take other people’s artwork, put them through a filter, then sell them as original prints at shows.

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At Puerto Rico Comic Con, she was served with a cease and desist order by Skybound Entertainment, after artist Ryan Ottley reported her for using his artwork from Invincible. Since then she, and other people who sell her work at shows, have been under intense scrutiny, and she has been ejected from some shows, such as Comicpalooza after appearing there.

Return Announcement

Here latest is at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, happening today. Where she is promising a new style.

Wizard World Chicago - GingerzapNote a reduction in comic-book based content, and a further removed art style, almost impressionist. Will this be enough to stem the criticism?Wizard World Chicago - Gingerzap 2


I mean, if this was based on a pre-existing work, could you tell? Some examples from her etsy shop... is she the prodigal daughter? Is she the acceptable face of splatterart at shows?



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