Fatal Planet And John Power Accused Of Bootlegging At Wizard World Chicago

Artist Mitch Connell writes,

Bootlegger Alert at Wizard World Chicago right across from artist alley on the corner by snacks and the restroom at the end of aisle 1300, #1333. According to the WW directory, that’s Fatal Planet Productions with the contact person John Power. He’s stealing my Trump and Hillary ‘They Live’ designs, and, I’m told, plenty of other artists work. If you’re there, check it out and see if he’s selling your stuff too.
Already reported to Wizard World.

Here’s a shot of his booth.

14046047_10154001929004601_4977664093939646219_n (2)

Here are Mitch’s original works, for sale, They Live! Trump and Hillary.

Trump: Make America Great Again, Mitch Connell Hillary: I'm With Her - Mitch Connell

It’s not an isolated case, however. A year ago Michael J Dolan posted,

Do you see that artwork of the TARDIS? That’s by my friend Paul Hanley. Do you see that slovenly, Jabba the Hutt-looking motherfucker behind it? That’s John Power of Fatal Planet Productions, 1694 Falmouth RD #104, Centereville MA, 02632, reelimports@aol.com. He downloaded that image from Paul’s DeviantArt page and DOES NOT have Paul’s permission to sell it. Let’s release the hounds of the internet and ruin this scrotum-that-walks-like-a-man’s life. If you see him at a con, report his pizza-grease-covered ass.

Fatal Planet / John Power, Wizard World, Tardis Artwork Paul Hanely

And yes, here is Paul Hanley’s original.

Tardis Timeline Artwork Paul Hanley, Call Me Sexy

John Power has not replied to inquiries from Bleeding Cool at time of publication.

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