Aquaman To Feature “Fun Action” On Dry Land


As Aquaman inches closer to production, more details about the film are coming to light. For instance, an action scene set on dry land.

When asked about the film, writer Will Beall told Slashfilm a little about the land-to-sea ration in the film. “I can tell you that not all of the action takes place underwater,” he said. ‚ÄúSome of the most fun action in the movie actually takes place on dry land.”

There are any number of ways such a scene could play out. One imagines the sight of Aquaman surfacing with an army of whales could be quite powerful under the right circumstances. Come to think of it, his first appearance in Justice League: The New Frontier plays out in a similar way.

Curiously, Beall played coy when asked about rumored villain Black Manta. Despite being the obvious choice, people connected with the project are keeping mum about the reports. Perhaps Warner Bros. is waiting to confirm the role until it is cast.

Aquaman opens on July 27th, 2018.