The Return Of That White Type On That Black Background

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It’s a stylistic thing.


But for someone who was picking up Priest and Bright’s Quantum And Woody and Priest and Texeira’s Black Panther it was a bolt that brought it all right back to me.


Blurbs, white text on a black background, breaking up scenes, adding author commentary, foreshadowing, making a joke, underlining a point, playing the role of those titles in Frasier or the sidebar in Colbert’s The Word.


And you know he knows it as well. Knowing the reaction it will have for those few, we happy few, who picked up those titles every month.


And they’re back today.


Priest writing a nonlinear look at assassin Deathstroke: Rebirth #1 with Carlo Pagulayan choosing to turn the tables on an employer when the circumstances change, and how his memories of being another man seep into the path he has now taken.


It’s a complex piece of action bravado, with multiple characters, locations and motivations, of African warlords and snowy mountains, continents and decades apart.. But those familiar looking type headlines provide hooks for the eyes, something to swing off from, and take a leap into the narrative.18_01We get a glimpse of what we might expect, a greater understanding of what we might have seen. Ths time around there are minimal, Functional more that commentary. Yet they help us handle the shift from one timeline to another with ease.18_15 Also for me? Quite frankly a nostalgic tug to the guts that guarantees for me that I’m going to enjoy this comic. Because I know what those typed asides mean.


We’re going to get a good comic book…

Deathstrike Rebirth #1 by Priest and Carlo Pagulayan is published today.






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