Jeph Loeb Explains Why He Can't Will An Agent Carter Special Into Existence


While Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell is game to go on more assignments as Peggy, Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb says it is not so easy to whip the show into existence.

Loeb told TVLine that unlike Marvel Studios, they cannot line up projects at will. "What Marvel Television does every day is it connects with our partners — ABC, FX, FOX, Netflix, Freeform — and they tell us when they would like it." In order for Agent Carter to go on as a series of specials of as a TV movie, an outlet would have to ask for it specifically. Loeb added that if a broadcaster, for lack of a better term, called him and asked for a Carter movie, the company would "put together the greatest Agent Carter movie we can."

Meanwhile, we can always hope for another Peggy cameo in Ant-man and the Wasp or the next Avengers.