Jason Flowers Clowns Matt Walker Over Photoshopped Artwork At FandomFest 2016 (VIDEO)

Jason Flowers Clowns Matt Walker Over Photoshopped Artwork At FandomFest 2016 (VIDEO)

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There are lots of people who complain about artists stealing their artwork and selling it at stores, sometimes digitally manipulated, photoshopped and the like, but without credit or payment to the original artist.

And most people stew about it, complain, or post about it online. I heard GingerZap was back this weekend at Texas Comicon this weekend, after she was threatened with legal action from Skybound Entertainment. Anyone get photos?

Jason Flowers, however, decides to get up and personal with these kind of things.


And at Fandomfest 2016  in Kentucky, that meant going up to exhibiting artist Matt Walker (and son) as they exhibited over what he saw as blatantly stolen artwork from Stanley Artgerm, Bryan Hitch, Jim Lee, Mike Turner and more being sold as prints.

Filming the confrontation,  got a confession that the artwork was photoshopped. And just kept going and going and going.

Although, it’s not like Walker is shy about this. He talks here about using a “base image” and then using Photoshop to create hundreds of images.

After reporting the seller to the convention staff, Jason says,

an artist/staff member (whom was setup selling his own work too) caused a scene yelling at me that there’s nothing wrong with this other artist doing such a thing. He refused to allow me to record him or our conversation. After trying to thank him for his incredible assistance (sarcasm), I knew the show was not going to do anything about the situation. It was even more apparent when the show owner came over himself later telling me he understands my frustration because he too went to art school (whatever that’s suppose to mean) though he disagrees with a lot of it. Legally they can’t do anything about it.
So in closing this art thief (Matthew Walker) got to continue staying at the show all weekend and possibly/more than likely sold his stolen images to unknowingly convention goers.

Flowers did similar last year, with a T-shirt seller using artwork that had been lifted from  creators (below).

Can Jason Flowers go to every comic book convention for Bleeding Cool? Or does anyone else want to take up the mantle?

If he’d have held his phone horizontally as well, it would have been a perfect takedown.

You can see Jason’s work here. Matt Walker can be found here and here.

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