Presumptive Thoughts On the Season Finale of AMC’s Preacher

Presumptive Thoughts On the Season Finale of AMC’s Preacher

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Rob Bradfield writes …

With two weeks to go before the season one finale of AMC’s Preacher, the cast and producers were tight-lipped at Comic-Con International: San Diego as to what would happen at the end of season one, let alone discuss season two.

What happens in second year will likely still remain up in the air, but like the bumper-sticker on an abandoned 1979 Datsun four-door at the side of a Texas highway, the producers and cast will tell you one thing about tonight’s season finale: “God is coming to Texas.”

This could mean that, in one fell swoop, what happens in the show winds itself around, as much as possible, to the road story longtime devotees of the books want to see. Genesis in the series premiere wasn’t that much different than in the original story, choosing only to slay an African congregation and Tom Cruise before moving on to Jesse Custer. In the book, Genesis blew up Jesse’s entire congregation upon possessing him, and since that horse has left the barn, we might get the same moment, only with God teaching Jesse a lesson in humility.

It’s no reason to kill a bunch of people, but we’ve pretty much established that this incarnation of Annville is pretty much all “dark underbelly.”

Series staples like Cassidy, Tulip, and Arseface are off the board, or at least far enough away from “ground zero” that they’d survive. Make sure that Sheriff Root somehow survives the “holy blast,” and you’ve got Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy on the road with a legitimate reason to run; Sheriff Root with a real reason to chase them; and when he returns, a reason for Arseface to be a real bad… arse…

The season finale of AMC’s Preacher premieres tonight on AMC at 9pm, after a marathon of the first nine episodes, beginning at 11:15am.

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