So… Was It Not Dr Manhattan Who Stole Ten Years From The DC Universe? (Titans #1 SPOILERS)

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Folks, so we were led to believe by DC Universe Rebirth that it was Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan who stole tenvyears from the characters of the DC Universe to create the New 52 Universe.

DC Universe - Rebirth (2016) 001-066

And we were given plenty of evidence towards this.

But could today’s Titans #1 by Dan Abnett and Brett Booth be the first attempt to walk that back?

Image (22)

I mean we still have Mr Oz watching Superman in today’s Action Comics in his nine panel grid of screens in a fashion deliberately intended to echo Ozymandias, even down to the tattoos his followers wear.

Image (25)But as Lilith tries to find the truth about Wally West’s newly revealed past – and everyone else’s – in today’s Titans #1, she triggers the reappearance of someone else. Who seems to be able to teleport people to the moon in a very similar fashion that Dr Manhattan did to both the moon, and to Mars.

Image (24)And has a certain claim to make…Image (23)Abra Kadabra is a rumoured villain from the upcoming season of Flash. A time traveller from the 64th century wanting to be a stage performer and ending up as a master villain, combining technology and sorcery and one of the Flash’s Rogues. He was last seen in the original Flash: Rebirth before the New 52, surviving an attack from Professor Zoom.

He’s been away. Could this be his hand instead?

tns-1-192275-600x922And could he be working for someone a little… twisted?

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