Stephen King's Charlie The Choo-Choo Freebie From San Diego Comic-Con Sells For $1200

s-l1600 (24)Charlie the Choo-Choo was a giveaway children's book by Stephen King at San Diego Comic-Con that ties into and promotes the Dark Tower series of novels and the upcoming film. With the fictional creator Beryl Evans signing copies, despite having died in 1942….

s-l1600 (29)

She was played here by actress Allison Davies, and the book was actually drawn by Ned Dameron. But with hundreds of fans trying to get one of only 150 printed copies, you know what happens next…
s-l1600 (25)

They get flipped on eBay! Where one copy has sold for $1200.

s-l1600 (27)

And another is on $720 with 24 bids.

s-l1600 (28)

How badly do you want a copy?s-l500 (14)

And how much do you blame this man?

s-l500 (16)Oh and there's a Charlie Choo Choo T-shirt going for fifty bucks as well.

s-l1600 (30)

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