Supernatural Cast And Crew Tease Lucifer And Getting Back To Basics At Comic-Con

supernaturalOctavio Karbank writes …

Some panels really resonate with audiences. Full of laughter, cheer, and good-will the Supernatural panel today at Hall H over at San Diego Comic Con was such a panel. Odds are you wouldn’t find a panel today that received as many girly yips of joy at the arrival of these wonderful actors. While there might not have been any “meaty” news to come out of the panel, there were ac couple reminders:

  • — September 13 is now officially being designated as Supernatural Day in honor of the day it originally aired back in 2005.
  • — Following the season eleven gag reel, a brief tease of the upcoming season screened. The only thing we could surmise from the footage was that Season twelve is definitely going to be hard one for our heroes. Robert Singer, executive producer and showrunner, made it known that the show was going to go back to basics, since you can’t really get bigger than God.
  • — The cast, made up of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard, all joined Singer on stage with Samantha Smith and Ruth Connell arriving at different intervals as surprise guests.
  • — It was revealed that Sam was very much alive following the events of Season Eleven, with the upcoming season introducing both the British Men of Letters and an ongoing hunt for Lucifer. Sam’s assailant, as it turns out, was one of those British Men of Letters.
  • — In discussing the return of Mary Winchester, Ackles and Padelecki reflected, thinking it would definitely change the team dynamic for the two men and for Mary, who’s been dead for thirty years. For her, the shock will be great as she comes back to a new world and her boys grown up. Also, while Sam and Dean both want their mother back, they are also cautious; as having another person in their life gives another target for potential enemies to strike at.
  • — Misha Collins talked about Castiel and how we’re going to get the Castiel from Season Four back with much of his mojo restored. He’ll also have an interesting relationship with Mary.
  • — Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell focused on the mother-son relationship of their two characters and teased that Crowley’s family might just get expanded.
  • — From there, everything went bonkers as jokes were going out left and right and no one on stage could keep a straight face. Yet amidst all the tomfoolery, it was made known that Rick Springfield will play Lucifer; at least for a while.

20160724_113234As a fan of the show since day one, it never gets old to be in attendance with television’s greatest demon-fighting heroes. Supernatural is a show that not only captures the imagination, but brings with it a feeling of unity, one that tens of thousands, if not millions, will only too eagerly confirm.

Supernatural returns to The CW on October 13th. The Season Eleven Blu-ray/DVD set comes out on September 6th.