Van Helsing TV Show Looks Like Bloody Fun

By Octavio Karbank

20160721_183103Syfy’s Van Helsing panel was today, and boy was it different from what we were expecting. Promising a brutal, gory, and incredibly entertaining story, the TV show is set in the not-to distant future. Van Helsing, or at least the first thirteen episodes that will make up the first season, tells the story of Vanessa Van Helsing who wakes up in this dystopian future. She finds herself fighting for not only her survival, and possibly humanity’s, but hunting for her missing daughter.

The panel started off with an intense trailer that set the tone for the rest of the session. A couple producers, along with actors Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scafe, and Christopher Heyerdahl all made an appearance, taking time to discuss the upcoming show. Over the course of the panel, the whole “is this just another vampire show” discussion got brought up. And while this might be a show featuring vampires, there’s a couple twists that intrigued me, and might intrigue viewers and fan of vampire-centric stories and television. Chiefly, we have Vanessa’s character biting the vampires, which turns them human again, while their bites are entirely ineffective against her. Another interesting plot point was that these vampires aren’t immortal like the lore and other stories tell us they are, rather they age just like you and me, with different kinds of vampires running around, i.e. you have feral vampires, elite vampires; the list goes on.

The producers made a point to say that the show was grounded more in science than you’d expect, with careful attention dedicated to the scientific process in how vampirism would work.

The biggest news to pop out of the panel was the Van Helsing pilot would be featured on July 31st, following the debut of Sharknado 4. After that, the show airs on September 23rd. All in all, it was a super fun panel to a show that hasn’t broken out yet.

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