Dark Horse’s Retailer Presentation To San Diego Comic-Con – It’s A Sin City

The Diamond Retailer Lunch Meeting is underway as San Diego Comic-Con. Where retailers from across the world gather to talk with publishers, distributors and pick up swag!

And Hilton Collins, Aaron Haaland and Jeremy Konrad have been letting us know what’s going down. Including Dark Horse Comics.

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They talked about Witcher 3 figures coming in the fall.

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Emphasised their 30th anniversary variants  honoring the company’s history

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Mobius comes back to Dark Horse with The World of Edena coming in October that collects older books and stories into this one book

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Frank Miller book’s  Sin City: The Hard Goodbye is coming for the  holiday book reproducing the original artwork at full size.

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As The Strain’s third season of the show lands in August, we get new miniseries in August to coincide with the premier. It will give Mr. Quinlan backstory and show us how he became a vampire

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A Slayer series coming in December

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Hellboy In Hell just concluded on a good note. Thier hardcover exclusive for San Diegowill be sent out from diamond offices as a gift to attending retailers.


Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood is coming . What happens when you splice bird human and cat DNA together and get a superhero , who encourages sympathy for animal species. Coming sept 6th wil multiple volumes to follow.

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Secret Loves of Geek Girls from Atwood as well with many other female creators. Loves of geek girls from romantic to hobbies to cocking, coming in October

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Bait is Chuck Pahliniuk’s first illustrated prose book you can color is coming end of October

image4 (5).


Adult coloring books coming in October as well. 5 avatar, serenity, Star Trek NG, Star Trek, and Buffy 10 x 10 14.99

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Serenity miniseries in October with 3 variants

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Buffy season 11 in November as maxi series only.
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