Con Man Cast Reveals Season 2 Trailer and Details

Con Man Cast Reveals Season 2 Trailer and Details

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Tudyk HaarsmaAlex Roberts writes …

Con Man stars Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion took to Hall H at Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday to headline the panel for their much-anticipated second season of the runaway hit webseries that broke Kickstarter records by raising more than a million dollars in twenty-four hours. Loosely based on Tudyk’s experiences after the cancellation of Firefly and its eventual cult-status, the show follows Wray Nerely (Tudyk) as he navigates the wild world of comic conventions and looks on with jealousy as his former co-star Jack Moore (Fillion) achieves A-list success.

Moderated by Fillion himself, the panel kicked off with introductions of Alison Haislip (Faith), Casper Van Dien (John), Lou Ferrigno (himself), Nolan North (Jerry), Liam McIntyre (Girth), Felicia Day (Karen), Mindy Sterling (Bobbie) and executive producer PJ Haarsma.

The panel immediately threw us into a preview of the Spectrum motion comic, based on the fictional canceled show Con Man revolves around. After this, we were treated to a preview of the upcoming Con Man mobile game where you build your own convention and defend it against attackers. The game is set for release on August 24th.

Sterling DayJumping into the discussion, Fillion treated us to his trademark humor and his mantra for the panel, “I run a tight ship.” If you’ve ever dreamed of hearing Nathan Fillion repeat “I run a tight ship” a dozen times over, feel free to find some footage of the first five minutes of the panel.

McIntyre talked about his role as “the lost Hemsworth brother” and quipped he would have some uncomfortable conversations with the Hemsworth brothers backstage at some point this year. Tudyk brought up an instance this season where he punches McIntyre and told us, “but he’s Australian, so he didn’t feel it!”

Day is returning to her role of Karen, the volunteer who dresses up as the person she is assigned to shadow in order to create a diversion. This year, Karen has to shadow Ferrigno, and Day talked about how she attempted to lift weights before the shoot in preparation. Suffering through temperatures over 100 degrees, Day nearly passed out on set and required ice packs to be “stuck inside her”– she paused for the eruption of laughter from the panel.

Opening the floor to questions, Fillion joked about “running a tight ship” and cutting off his panelists if they ran past a few words. Before the questions could start, Haarsma suddenly announced the world premiere of the trailer for Con Man Season Two.

Showcasing the familiar trends of awkward moments and embarrassing mishaps reminiscent of Season One, the trailer revolved around Fillion seeking to create the Spectrum movie and Ferrigno convincing Wray to take part in a musical version of Of Mice and Men named I’m With Stupid.

Van Dien HaislipThere turned out to only be time for two questions from the audience. One audience member asked if, while directing Joss Whedon, they were tempted to “Whedon” him, a nod to Whedon’s tendency to axe characters. This elicited a lot of devilish laughs from the panel, with Tudyk joking about making him the show’s “Kenny” in Season Three, referencing South Park’s constantly-dying character. Fillion laughingly tried to claim credit for the idea as his own.

One of the reveals from the trailer is that Fillion’s character is actually bald. The panel revealed they were actually hesitant to bring up the bald cap to Fillion in the writer’s room. “Because I’m so vain?” joked Fillion. Tudyk recounted that he had seen Fillion do a thing where he grabs his hair and wiggles it, and he wanted to make sure the audience could never un-see the bald cap underneath if they see Fillion do his hair-wiggling trick.

Ultimately, the panel was filled with little quips and stories and showed us how much fun the cast has together. From Day recounting an awkward moment where she told Game of ThronesPedro Pascal how attractive he was at a party to Fillion getting lost in “a moment” and forgetting he was the moderator, the panel certainly did not fail to keep us entertained.

Look for Con Man Season Two later this year on Comic Con HQ.

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