A New Format For The Third Season Of iZombie

A New Format For The Third Season Of iZombie

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Janel Smith writes,


The iZombie panel was a fun look into what we can expect from the show’s third season. The season will focus on Liv trying to figure out her answer to the big question posed to her at the end of season 2. Is she going to be on the side of the zombies or humans if and when the war between the two groups that Vivian Stoll and Fillmore-Graves is expecting comes to pass.

Writer Rob Thomas promised that now that everyone in Liv’s inner circle is aware of her zombie status that there will be no more keeping secrets. What he called a “No Secrets Club”. Given how all of the secrets in the show have been quite frustrating for viewers this will be a welcomed change.

They also said that the show will be going for a law and order procedural style in the new season which starts filming in a few days. Liv and Clive will be solving a crime in one episode and Peyton (having recently been made a series regular) tries the case in the next. It will be interesting to see how the new format changes the dynamics on the show.

We can also look forward to more backstory for Clive and Ravi and the return of Blaine’s dad. The hunt for Natalie will also be commencing adding to the drama.

Next season promises to be interesting as the crew faces a new adversary in Fillmore-Graves and the tension between team tanned and dyed zombies and team natural zombie go head to head.

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