From One Side Of San Diego Comic Con To The Other In 7 Minutes With Ninja Skills (VIDEO)

From One Side Of San Diego Comic Con To The Other In 7 Minutes With Ninja Skills (VIDEO)

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Erika Svensson writes,

Today, I learned if you’re fast enough on Preview Night you can get through the dealer’s hall within an hour and a half… that’s if you don’t stop to buy anything. I was surprised on how crowded it became! Knowing that Wednesday is one of the least crowded days, I can only imagine how many more people there will be for the rest of the con!

This video was made with my ninja warrior skills! (and by skills I mean my arms are tired from holding a camera without a stabilizer.) This video isn’t meant to be clean; it shows how hard it is to maneuver through crowds of thousands of people! (I also may or may not have left the battery running on the time lapse camera I had been planning to use, so… yeah. This is what you get. Deal with it.) People did not care that I had a camera in my hand. They pushed, shoved, and bumped into me with only the words “oops, my bad” coming out of their mouths.

I can understand it for the most part…bump into the camerawoman…make my life harder…that’s cool. I didn’t want the shot from that angle anyways. (At this point I hope you have picked up on my humor.)

This video gives a taste of what is inside the dealer’s hall. Just like the con was full of people, you may want to watch it in FULL screen. (or not. I won’t ever know.) Those of you have yet to enter, watch your step and enjoy San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

Erika Svensson films video for Bleeding Cool.

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