More Walking Around San Diego Comic Con – The Day Before – Once Upon A Timeless And Setting Up Game Of Thrones

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2016-07-19 (23)

These are not the Dormammus you are looking for…

2016-07-19 (18)Game Of Thrones: The Exhibition still needs to be set up.
2016-07-19 (22)

You know, these would probably kill as Loot Crates.
2016-07-19 (20)Vikings: The Saga is still being put up.
2016-07-19 (17) Also, a new Oz is still being put up.2016-07-19 (16)

Peacock party!2016-07-19 (15) Timeless gets its own building.2016-07-19 (14) While looking like the most generic action thing ever.2016-07-19 (13) And the power of a locomotive compels you…2016-07-19 (12) This is really going to freak people up the line.2016-07-19 (11) And there it is. The last time you will see the San Diego Convention Center without seeing a Deadpool in front of it for many days.2016-07-19 (10) It’s calling to me…2016-07-19 (9)And wherever you go, Conan can always see you.

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