Sega’s Rent-a-Hero To Become Feature Film

rent-a-heroAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink will co-write and direct an adaptation of Sega‘s Megadrive video game Rent-a-Hero.

The revamped premise will see a slacker with some intelligence taking a job at a “Uber for heroes.” When he discovers the company is planning to weaponize the technology, he and fellow heroes must stop them.

If the game is unfamiliar to you, that’s because it was originally released only in Japan. The company later remade the game for its Dreamcast system with plans to bring it to the US shortly before Sega left the console market. An unreleased port of the game later appeared on torrent sites in 2008.

The THR article also points out Sega’s plans to bring Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter and The House of the Dead to the screen, but I’d love to see them develop a Kid Chameleon film.