Stephen Amell Says His Flashpoint Confirmation Was Sarcastic

Yesterday, word broke that Arrow star Stephen Amell confirmed the Flashpoint occurring in Central City will reverberate over to his show. Well, confirmed as much as being asked about it at the Heroes and Villains Con and replying “Sure.”

Now, the actor has taken to his Facebook page (via Comic Book Movie) to explain a significant element of his confirmation: tone.

Of course, it is still possible there may yet be some subtle changes to the show following events on The Flash; the great thing about The CW‘s DC television universe is its willingness to follow paths blazed by its comic book counterpart. But as someone in the comments noted a week or so ago, the first season of the show is already the post-Flashpoint timeline as Barry was waved off from saving his mother from another version of himself.  Time, of course, will tell.