Deadpool V Gambit? Or Deadpool Slash Gambit?

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The sexuality of Deadpool has been a much-discussed thing.  Portrayed as the Marvel Universe equivalent of Groucho Marx/Bugs Bunny, he’s taken to making everything a joke. Including his sexuality and sexual preferences.

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Ryan Reynolds would be happy for him to have a boyfriend. Director Tim Miller says he is “pansexual. I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool.”

Screenshot (110)Co-creator Fabien Nicieza has stated,

More recent writer of the character, Gerry Duggan describes him,

But it has still been argued by the likes of The Guardian, describing him as “Deadpool: the pansexual superhero who has never had a non-heterosexual experience”. Or Towelroad asking “Deadpool: Pansexual Antihero or Gay-Baiting Jokester?”

Well, this week’s Deadpool V Gambit #2, by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Danilo Beyruth, fresh from taking on Hamilton last issue…

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(And hey, Silver Surfer is doing that this week as well – have Marvel got shares in that play?)


…Deadpool V Gambit #2 gives us a new take on their dynamic.



But a nice ******* tush isn’t enough for Deadpool to give Gambit a free pass when it comes down to his clear warehousist nature.

Pansexual hero? Gay-baiting jokester?

Or can he be both? I’m sure tumblr will have a take.

Here’s the preview in full.DPGAMBIT2016002-int2-2-054cf


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