Carly Pope Joins Arrow As Familiar Coast City Citizen

Carly-PopeTV Insider reports that SuitsCarly Pope has been cast as Susan Williams in season five of The CW‘s Arrow.

The character is described as a reporter from “nearby” Coast City looking to catch a big break by covering Ollie’s administration as mayor of Star City. As the site points out, Williams, at least in the DC Comics universe, is married to Jim Jordan, brother of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. I believe the characters have died once or twice, but I could be mistaken.

More interesting to me is the notion that Coast City and Star City are considered near to each other. In the comics, they’re roughly the distance between Santa Barbara, California and Seattle, Washington — or at least they were in the days of the West End Games roleplaying game atlas.

I also got the impression it was much further away when Ollie and Felicity settled there last summer, but then considering Nanda Parbat often seems to be seven short miles from Star City, the geography of these televised locales may not matter all that much.

Well, as long as we eventually get a show set in Opal.

Arrow returns to The CW in the fall.