Dev-Em, Seg-El And More For Krypton Cast

Posted by June 21, 2016 Comment

dev-emTVLine has obtained a cast breakdown for the upcoming Syfy pilot Krypton and it seems the potential series has dug deep into the well of DC Comics characters to populate the world two generations before its destruction.

As the site points out, lead character Seg-El first appeared in an issue of Starman, establishing him as Superman’s grandfather. Here he is described as “athletic, quietly confident and in his 20s” and still in contact with his grandfather, Val-El, who has evaded dying by taking refuge in the Phantom Zone.

Other characters include Seg’s father, Ter-El, a pair of Zods — though it is unclear if they will be friend of foe — and Dev-Em. In the comics, the character eventually finds his way to the Thirtieth Century where he becomes friendly with the Legion of Superheroes. Following the first Crisis, he reappeared as a rogue Daxamite and fought Superman, leading to the destruction of the moon.

But that was two or three reboots ago.

Dev-Em was also used as the name of one of the Kryptonians loyal to General Zod in Man of Steel, but it is unclear if that loyalty will matter to an early generation.

Krypton is set to being production in Montreal later this summer.

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