Noomi Rapace To Appear In Alien: Covenant After All

prometheusshawIt seems in the world of Alien, all things are fluid.

Deadline reports actress Noomi Rapace, who played Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus, has been seen on the Australia set of the film to shoot “weeks worth” of footage.

Other details are still scarce, so it is unclear just how extensive her role will be. According to the first synopsis released by 20th Century Fox, the plot concerns the crew of the colony ship Covenant encountering the android David, the other Prometheus survivor, on a paradise world harboring a dark secret.

And since the time that first synopsis came out, it seemed as though Rapace and Shaw would have little-to-no presence in the second Alien prequel. But with the actress returning, it’s possible she may have something to tell the Covenant crew about that android and his anti-human leanings.

Alien: Covenant opens August 4th, 2017.