You Can Buy Edward Scissorhands Final Cut HC In August Or An Issue Signed By Johnny Depp Now

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When this comic first came out, I was so curious to see if a creative team could take on such a classic movie and continue the story. It would be no easy task creating Edward Scissorhands on the page, but writer Kate Leth and artist Drew Rausch managed to do it. Now IDW Publishing is bringing you Edward Scissorhands: The Final Cut Oversized Hardcover. This collection features all 10 issues of the series with a majestic cover to go along with it.


For those of you who don’t know, this is how the story continues…

“Once adored by the Boggs family and the neighborhood that welcomed his arrival, Edward Scissorhands’ intervening years of reclusion have not been kind to him. But now, decades later, his lost-love Kim has her own family, and her granddaughter is about to discover the wonder her mother wishes she could forget.”


Not cool enough for you? Well, earlier this week, artist Drew Rausch stumbled upon a copy of the comic book series signed by Edward himself…Johnny Depp. 

If you’re looking for more of a unique collectors edition, and have a spare $300 laying around, you could grab that instead. After looking at the listing, I’m a little bit skeptical, because in the photos of Johnny signing it, you can’t clearly see if it’s really the comic or not. Though, knowing how he reacts to fans, he probably would be excited about it. Anything is possible, right?


Edward Scissorhands: The Final Cut Oversized Hardcover releases this August.

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