Exploring Those Possible Civil War II Fallen And Accused Suggestions (SPOILERS)

Exploring Those Possible Civil War II Fallen And Accused Suggestions (SPOILERS)

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In an article yesterday, Bleeding Cool looked at the possibility that a planned Civil War II: The Fallen cover using art by Jack Kirby might have significance for the potential big death in Civil War II #3.

We even suggested who might be responsible for the final blow. And which object might be used.

Let’s look into the philosophy of this. Would you take an innocent life to spare a potential million lives?

Killing Hitler as a baby is a common trope. Would you do it? Would you be able to do it? Would you, given the knowledge of what is to come, find another way? Take baby Adolf to be raised in a nunnery? Sent to art school – and kept there? Be adopted by a loving Jewish couple to unsure such hatred never emerges from his troubled brow?

So, killing Hulk. Or, rather, killing Bruce Banner. Currently separated from the Hulkness, but we know, one day, he must return to it. It’s comic book logic.

What if one of the heroes can see that logic? What if they choose to do what Batman never could with the Joker?

There was a line in the movie…

…but if, at the moment, Bruce can’t turn into the Hulk, and there is a prophecy that at one point he will, killing everyone, what then?

And which hero would be able to deliver such a blow?

One that was once a villain?

maxresdefault (4)

Hawkeye, J’Accuse you of being The Accused.

And, given the circumstances, would a court convict?

Just don’t ask She Hulk to be your defence lawyer, okay Clint?

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