How Often Is Superman?

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It’s relatively easy to get mixed up with language. Before DC Comics started their Rebirth, back in December Bleeding Cool ran the scoop that a number of their books would be going bi-weekly.

By which we meant every two weeks. Or, more accurately, twice monthly. But not bimonthly – that’s once every two months. It’s easy to get confused.

As have the Superman editorial staff for the Superman #1 launch this week. Here’s the indicia for the issue.

Ck_AclYWgAAXRLNot bimonthly, DC Comics,

They might want to check that subscription rate as well. Does this mean that DC Comics have to honour a 24 issue subscription for $24.99? Because that’s less than retailers pay Diamond… and this is what the DC site says.

subs Anything else wrong with that indicia?

Thanks to Martin Gray 


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