Civil War II: The Fallen To Get A Jack Kirby Variant Cover – What Does It Mean For Civil War II Spoilers?

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jack_kirby__spanI still like the Mindless Speculation of this Civil War II #3 theory. But it was based on nothing but that.

But I have been told that Civil War II: The Fallen, likely to feature whoever it is that’s getting the bump off from Marvel Comics in Civil War II #3, will now have a variant cover using art by the late Jack Kirby.

Who isn’t exactly associated with that speculated character.

Which means it’s much more likely that The Fallen will be… The Hulk.

This fits the original Civil War II idea of one of the heroes killing another hero to stop them doing something terrible. We have already seen in Civil War II #2 that the Hulk is destined to kill all the heroes, from Ulysses’ visions.

And it would fit for The Fallen to have a Jack Kirby Hulk cover.

But who will deliver the killing blow?

Or the killing arrow?



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