Arrow Finds Its Adrian Chase With Josh Segarra

VigilanteAdrian_ChaseMayor Oliver Queen will have a new ally in his cause to save his city.

The Wrap reports Chicago PD vet Josh Segarra will join the series’ fifth season as district attorney Adrian Chase — also known to comic readers as Vigilante.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Chase is part of one of two separate Vigilante legacies in the DC Universe. As a Manhattan district attorney, he fought the mob in the courtroom, but took on a crimefighter persona after the deaths of his wife and children. He attempted to put the Vigilante behind and eventually took his own life while others assumed the identity.

Chase also represents the second vigilante character to be added to the show in as many days. Yesterday, Rick Gonzales was announced as the face of Wild Dog, another masked man taking the law into his own hands following the tragic death of a loved one. With so many vigilantes coming to Star City, is it possible Ollie will have face up to his own actions as he operated (or continues to operate) as one?

Arrow returns to The CW in the fall.