When Green Arrow Wakes Up With Black Canary…

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Green Arrow Rebirth #1 saw an almost-kiss from Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Green Arrow - Rebirth (2016) 001-022

Well, they don’t waste time in the Reborn DC Universe. After all, someone’s taken ten years from them all, they might as well get on with it. And in Green Arrow #1, they do.

Image (4)

They’re not alone at this, however. Over in Dark Knight: The Last Crusade, Batman and Catwoman get back together.

The Dark Knight Returns - The Last Crusade (2016-) 001-023

At least Deadpool and Shiklah have the forethought to get married first..


But back to Green Arrow and Black Canary. It doesn’t exactly look like wedding bells are on the cards. Indeed, there’s no guarantee that Black Canary will even call…Image (5)Possibly not quite the post-coital conversation Ollie thought he’d be having…

Green Arrow #1, Dark knight: Last Crusade and Deadpool #14 are published today…

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