Watch Out! There’s Poison Ivy Everywhere Today…

Poison Ivy gets the sixth and final issue of her mini-series today, a comic series that was built on the back of fan support and appeals for the character.

She doesn’t have a solo series in the DC Rebirth, but Dan DiDio did tell retailers at the DC Summits that the twice-monthly DC series that do exist are where adventures featuring less A-list characters may find themselves. And she is expected to appear in All-Star Batman as a result, as well as be a regular character in Harley Quinn.

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This isn’t enough for the Poison Ivy League, however, who continue their requests for a solo series for the character, and more in the semi-heroic/positive agenda of the current mini-series.

Well, I can’t promise anything like that. But the mini-series has done… okay. Even with rapidly switching artists throughout its run.

The actor playing Poison Ivy has been recast in Gotham which indicates that for season 3, she will have a greater prominence on the TV show.

Which means there may be another comic book spinoff to come.

And she’s even in Dark Knight: The Last Crusade today, though a more traditional portrayal.

The Dark Knight Returns - The Last Crusade (2016-) 001-042

There’s never enough Ivy, Batman…

The Dark Knight Returns - The Last Crusade (2016-) 001-043

Indeed. And anyone try and tell the Poison Ivy League that they’ve had enough Poison Ivy…

Poison Ivy #6 and Dark Knight: The Last Crusade are published today by DC Comics.

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