Michael Fassbender’s David Moves On From Peter O’Toole In Alien: Covenant Photo

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The Alien Anthology Twitter account posted another photo from the set of the upcoming Alien: Covenant. The new image features Michael Fassbender as morally challenged artificial person David.

It seems in the gulf between Prometheus and the new film, David has abandoned his fondness for Peter O’Toole‘s portrayal of T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia for a more macho spacetraveler style. Perhaps he expects to fit in better this way? With the Alien timeline still decades away from androids with behavioral inhibitors, it is possible this is part of David’s homicidal motivations?

Well, presuming he is in any way an antagonist. Maybe he learned something in all those years with Dr. Shaw. According to the earliest plot synopsis, the crew of the colony ship Covenant will encounter him on an uncharted planet hiding secrets of its own.

Alien: Covenant opens on August 4th, 2017.

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