Funko POP!s That Smell Like Strawberries? Okay.

You know who I'm talking about…Strawberry Shortcake of course. Who could forget the signature character that was accompanied by the smell of fresh berries? You must have at least had the stickers at some point or new someone else who did. Well, now Funko is making their POP! Vinyl's scented…at least in this case. (I wonder what scent Batman would be?)


Here's what Funko has to say:

"Funko is so dedicated to the Strawberry Shortcake brand that each Pop! is imbued with the character's signature scent, making them the first-ever scented Pop! series from Funko! We're honored to be part of her history by adding these famously adorable characters to the Pop! world!

The Strawberry Shortcake series highlights the charm of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends by including a companion with every Pop! Strawberry Shortcake is accompanied by her cat Custard, Blueberry Muffin is joined with her mouse Cheesecake, Orange Blossom comes with her pet butterfly Marmalade, and Lemon Meringue has Frappe the frog at her side!"

jpeg-1 jpeg-2

Is anyone else getting hungry? I honestly didn't know there were other characters associated with her. However, they are creative. I find the character designs to be super adorable and I always like when they include an extra mini POP in there with the figure. It's such a great deal. The Strawberry Shortcake series is releasing in September. I'm sure these babies will be on display at San Diego Comic Con as well.