Duncan Jones Defends Warcraft From Impolite Interviewer

Duncan Jones Defends Warcraft From Impolite Interviewer

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While there are valid criticisms to be made of Warcraft as a film, and indeed, I’ve written about a few of them, there is a general decorum when bringing criticisms directly to filmmakers. Unfortunately for director Duncan Jones, he faced an interviewer seemingly unaware of how to tactfully phrase his concerns.

As spotted by Indiewire, the following video contains an awkward interview between Jones and the BBC’s Adam Rosser, who describes the film to the director as “moments in a space [that] didn’t know how they fit together.


Yeah … that’s pretty awkward. And though I may feel the film has a few too many story strands — a tighter focus on Garona, Lothar and Khadgar may have helped in introducing other characters and ideas — phrasing the criticisms to Jones in such an accusatory manner is disrespectful. Also: I’d argue that Fel magic is one of the best presented ideas in the film. But Jones faces the questions with aplomb.

After the video made its way to the Battle.net forums, Rosser deleted his original upload of the video citing the arrival of death threats.

Some suggest Rosser was attempting to get a rise out of Jones and left frustrated when the director failed to take the bait. At the same time, he also has very strong feelings about the film. Either way, the end result is another example in how not to behave on video destined for circulation on the Internet.

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