Do Your DC Rebirth Variants Suffer From Pinkback?

Posted by June 14, 2016 Comment

The DC Rebirth launch has been accompanied with a variant programme that has each issue featuring a hero shot image of the lead character against a white new DC logo background.

s-l1600 (4)

Yes, like that.

But that whiteness may cause a problem. Especially when the backs of the comic have those Simon’s Cat ads in bright luminous pink…

s-l1600 (5)

And when stacked and shipped, this seems to have happened to many copies.

20160609_141001 (2) Or this.

20160609_141054 (2)

Pinkbacking. Simon’s Cat marking its territory across the DC titles.

Certain retailers who tried to get replacements from Diamond, got replacements that were equally as damaged.

Have you been pinkbacked by Simon’s Cat?

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