Descriptions Of Game Of Thrones Final Season Six Episodes Suraface

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gots6e4While episode descriptions of Game of Thrones tend to be cryptic, they appear like clockwork. Except, of course, for this week when HBO released airtimes and credits for the final two episodes of the season without descriptions of any kind.

But as TVGuide reports, the episodes were submitted for Emmy consideration with brief synopses.

According to the report, this Sunday’s episode, “Battle of the Bastards” will concern “terms of surrender” that are “rejected and accepted.” The sixty-nine minute finale, “The Winds of Winter,” will see Cersei face her trial. Both make sense from where the most recent episode left off, particularly in Cersei’s case.

Of course, it is still unclear if “Battle of the Bastards” will only concern the situation at Winterfell. It is possible another group could also surrender half a world away. That’s just idle speculation, mind you.

Either way, words are wind, particularly for episode descriptions on Games of Thones, which airs Sundays on HBO.

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