Want To Know Where Bruce Banner Has Been Hiding All This Time? (SPOILERS)

Want To Know Where Bruce Banner Has Been Hiding All This Time? (SPOILERS)

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Civil_War_II_3_CoverSince Secret Wars came to an end, Hulk has been missing. The Bruce Banner Hulk that is. The Amadeus Cho Hulk has been in full -on mode, but of Bruce Banner there has been no sign.

We’ve been told that Bruce Banner will return in the Civil War II crossover. With Totally Awesome Hulk #7 exploring where Banner has been. And #3 seemingly having a prominent Hulk role…

“We’ll reveal exactly what happens to Banner in the wake of losing his powers—with all the emotional turmoil and terrible danger that might imply. Has Amadeus given Banner the greatest gift of his life by stripping him of the Hulk—or just introduced the newest, cruelest version of his curse?

“Banner goes through multiple stages during the course of the story. I can’t get too specific for fear of spoilers, but my editors encouraged me to dig deep. This is a big, emotional Banner story, and I hope you love it as much as we do.”

Well, I’ve been told that you won’t have to wait this long. And in Civil War II #2 published this week, you’ll find out exactly where he’s been.


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